Why I Named My Blog “Trust Difficult Roads”

By now you are probably familiar with my blog page, “Trust Difficult Roads,” but have you ever wondered why I chose that to be the title of my blog? Why my blog’s logo is the upward zigzag arrow? Was it just random? Did I just find the idea on Tumblr or Instagram? Why did I choose it?

The answer is simple: “Trust Difficult Roads” is a derivative of my mantra!

For those of you that don’t know, a mantra is a saying or phrase that is repeated often. However, in the context of blogs and people, it’s usually a saying or phrase that people live by.

My mantra is the quote, “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” (you can see this at the top of my blog!).

I chose this to be my mantra because it was something that once I heard it, it stuck with me. I would (without meaning to) think about it when things were really hard, when I was having a bad mental health day, or I was facing a particularly difficult task. Regardless of the circumstance, I would tell myself that these hardships will lead me to great places. This was, and is, especially helpful on the days my mental health is not so great. Knowing that I am facing this difficulty or hardship for a greater payout in the end, that greater is truly yet to come, and that life won’t be easy but it will be worth it, is one of the most reassuring things I have ever heard.

This mantra of mine wasn’t anything I went out searching for, which is one of the reasons I feel so confident in making it my mantra. I didn’t Google “mantras,” I didn’t look at Tumblr, and I didn’t glance over famous peoples’ Instagram bios for inspiration. No, my mantra fell into my lap in the form of a jewelry ad.

Yes. You heard me. A jewelry ad.

One day I was on my phone and an ad for a sale at Bryan Anthony’s (a jewelry store) popped up on my feed. As an avid deal lover, I decided to check out this site I had never heard of since I knew there was a sale, but, I wasn’t convinced I would find anything I liked or within my price range. When I did, I surprisingly found a beautiful collection of affordable jewelry. There were many varying types of pretty necklaces, each with varying amounts of pizzazz and visual appeal. However, it wasn’t any of the super fancy ones with the cool charms and jewels that caught my attention. It was the simplest one in the collection that caught my eye.

You’ll never guess what the title of the necklace was.

“Difficult Roads.”

And the actual necklace?

A gold chain with a charm of a zigzag going upwards.

I read the description which explained the meaning behind the name (it is based on the difficult roads saying I just described above).

Here is a picture of my Difficult Roads necklace (featuring me haha)!

I fell in love with this necklace. Not only was it beautiful and simple, but I absolutely loved the artwork showing how a difficult road (represented by the zigzags – cuz we all know life is full of ups and downs) leads you to a higher and better place (represented by the gradual incline of the zigzag).

I got the necklace as a gift on Christmas. Since then, I wear the necklace every single day, and I even eventually bought the matching ring! I am so glad I found it when I did too, because sadly the necklace and ring were discontinued this summer (as the company rotates out designs to make room for new ones).

Here, you can see the matching Difficult Roads ring that I purchased a little while after getting my necklace. I chose silver instead of gold for the ring material!

A few months passed after getting my beloved necklace and I was starting to feel called to start a mental health awareness blog due to the lack of discussion on the topic and to bring my experiences forth in the hopes to help others who are struggling.

I had my topic for the blog, but no name.

I knew the blog name needed to be something important to me but also represent what this blog is all about.

Then it hit me. Uh, hello! I had such a great name already! My mantra! I loved the necklace’s design and meaning, and nothing could better describe my mission or my blog’s purpose than the importance of trusting the difficult roads in life!

I was so excited to use this idea for my blog, and to this day I am so happy I chose the name and logo based on the necklace.

Since then I have taken my mantra and ran with it. It is a part of my everyday life and I really base my life around the idea that my current hardships will make me better. Knowing this gives me peace, as I know life is not supposed to be easy, but it will be worth it; hope, for all the good that will come out of hardship; and strength, because every hardship makes me tougher for the next one.

Mantras are so important and they really can help encourage and inspire us during the most difficult times in life. I encourage you all to find your own mantra to help you in your journey through life.



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